The Mug, Cook!

Or two fairy tales about a mug
17. 2. 2007
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17. 2. 2007
Directed by: 
Set design: 
Barbora Hubená
Helena Fantlová, Jan Hrubec

The Naive Theatre Liberec apart from the plan has prepared for the youngest audience two fairy tales about porridge and a magic mug. The first fairy tale draws upon a classic topic known from many various versions (e.g. K. J. Erben or the brothers Grimm). In our presentation this “classics” also went through tiny changes: A motive of a love of the bashful František and kind Barunka was added. And mainly the main, independent and unexpected role is given to the porridge - which at the end fills up the whole valley which bas been separating our lovers and it eases very much their love journey.

The second fairy tale puts the motive of the magic mug upside down. The main hero is now a little bit lazy Honza who is perfectly changed by his desire of getting the magic mug… The production received a lot of festival awards; it was awarded the best production in a category for children 3 -5 years at the International Mateřinka 07 Festival.

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