Bohemia Lies by the Sea

Close your eyes... Can you hear how it is murmuring?
5. 3. 2016
Running time: 
50 minutes
Věková kategorie: 
5. 3. 2016
Radek Malý, Vít Peřina, Michaela Homolová
Directed by: 
Set design: 
Barbora Jakůbková


Close your eyes.
Can you hear how it is murmuring?
Breathe the nice smell in.
Bohemia lies by the sea.

Let’s do it again – close your eyes and imagine the following: like one million years ago, Bohemia is once again under water. The long-standing dream of contemporary Czech landsmen, to have a sea, has finally come true. Water – sea water, in particular – brings a lot of stories... Sunken ships full of treasures, big scary teeth of predatory fish, an astonishing sea storm or just a bottle with castaway’s pleading message... Apart from stories, the huge and deep sea brings mood, feelings, atmosphere or poetry, if you like.

And it is poetry by Radek Malý, one of the most acknowledged Czech poets for children, which is the basis of Michaela Homolová’s production.



The Theatre Newspaper Prize for the Creative achievement of the 2015/2016 in the Puppet and Art Theater category - Radek Malý, Vít Peřina and Michaela Homolová for authorship.
ERIK prize for the most inspiring Czech puppet production of the 2015/2016.
Festival MATEŘINKA 2017:
Festival Prize for direction (Michaela Homolová), dramaturgy and script cooperation (Vít Peřina), set design (Barbora Jakůbková).
Honorable mention for collective acting ((Michaela Homolová, Filip Homola, Dan Kranich, Adam Kubišta) and for music and sound design (Filip Homola and Milan Blažek).
Theatre Critics´Awards – nomination for Best Stage design 2015 (Barbora Jakůbková).
It's played in the Naive Theatre Studio with a limited number of seats.

Technical requirements:

Blackbox: width 6,5 m, depth 13 m (+ 2 m background), height 4 m
Upper lighting (min. 2 bars or ceiling grid)
Input power: 380/220 V, protection: 16/32 A
Author of Photos: Josef Ptáček
Poster for download: