A Fairy Tale about the LIAZ Truck

Pohádka o Liazce
A journey of a Liberec truck to the center of Africa
26. 5. 2018
Running time: 
50 minutes
Věková kategorie: 
26. 5. 2018
Tomáš Syrovátka
Directed by: 
Set design: 
Robert Smolík
Ivan Acher

The creators of the successful production A Tale about Raška (the best Czech puppet production of the last season) returned after years to a "sporty" story, this time purely North Bohemian. The modern author's tale written by Tomáš Syrovátka and directed by Martin Tichý is freely inspired by the achievements of the LIAZ truck on the tracks of the famous desert Paris-Dakar Rally in the 1980s.

An unexpected task has appeared one day in front of North Bohemian mechanics and drivers’ helpers, who have been used so far to move the barrels of the local beer to the Liberec district. To convert a beer truck into a racing truck. And if possible, go to Africa and win a laurel wreath.

But as the title implies, the trio of the main heroes (driver, navigator and mechanic) is helped during their racing by a number of fairy-tale beings and circumstances. North Africa is not far for Scheherazade or perhaps the magical Genie in the bottle ... In any case, do not worry about our racers. They bring a bit of Jablonec jewelry to Africa and beer from the local brewery. Thanks to these presents, they will find friends around the world willing to help them in case of emergency.

The production is created on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the LIAZ truck company biggest success at the Paris-Dakar Rally. This was the second place in the truck category in 1988. A year earlier, LIAZ drivers won the podium place for the first time, when they finished sensationally in the third place.

Technical requirements:

Stage: width 6 m, depth 10 m, height 4 m

1 bar in the middle of stage

Input power: 380/220 V, protection 16/32 A


Author of photos: Josef Ptáček


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