I Would Tell Some Joke and Then I Would Die Laughing

Řekl bych nějakej vtip...
An adventure from the interface of the children and adult world...
16. 2. 2018
Running time: 
60 minutes
Věková kategorie: 
16. 2. 2018
Šimon Olivětín
Directed by: 
Set design: 
Barbora Jakůbková
In the comedy designed for fresh "teenagers" and their parents, a group of adults is looking for their lost children. They are trying to figure out the escape of their kids at the psychological counseling centre where the teenagers have recently undergone a scientific research. Soon it turns out that the traces lead from the real world to the virtual one ...

The production I Would Tell Some Joke and Then I Would Die Laughing (Fear, Uncertainty & Doubt) was the result of an extensive sociological analysis of today's "twelve-fourteen-year-olds." It is about them and for them. It oscillates on the interface of the child and adult world; the real, literary and virtual world; between fan fiction, role-playing games and a terribly long empty black school corridor.

The original play was written directly for the Naive Theatre by Šimon Olivětín, his own name René Levínský. A respected Czech playwright (and also a theoretical physicist), whose plays are successfully performed both in amateur and professional theaters (including the National Theatre in Prague); the Naive Theatre does not introduce it for the first time (in the past, Marbuel and Kratinoha and To Fly through the Rainbow). This time the production was directed by the director of the Naive Theatre, Michaela Homolová (for example, About the Little Lamb that Fell from the Sky).

Technical requirements:

Stage: width 6 m in portal and 7 m behind the portal, depth 3 m before portal and 5 m behind portal, without proscenium 9 m, height 4 m
3 bars evenly situated in arch, in the middle and on the end of arch
Flat floor, blackbox
Input power: 380/220 V, protection 16/32 A
Author of Photos: Josef Ptáček

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