When the Leaves from the Oak Fall

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How the farmer Čupera was fighting the devil...
9. 2. 2013
Running time: 
50 minutes
Věková kategorie: 
9. 2. 2013
Jan Werich, Tomáš Syrovátka
Directed by: 
Set design: 
Robert Smolík
Ivan Acher
Jan Werich was a famous Czech film and theatre actor, playwright and writer. And there is a collection of humorous fairy tales, named after one of them Fimfarum. Almost exactly a quarter century to the day, the repertoire of the Naive Theatre releases the fairy tale of Jan Werich. The performance of Jan Werich's Fairy Tales – in particular Fimfarum and Queen Scooter First - was directed by Marketa Schartová in 1988. This time, the dramaturgy of the Naive Theatre took fairy tale When the Leaves of the Oak Fall, in which the drunk Čupera outsmarted the devil. The dramatization is by Tomáš Syrovátka and it is directed by Martin Tichý, who prepared the Naive Theatre highly awarded Fairy Tale about Raška (the best Czech puppet production of the season 2009–2010).


Čupera drank away almost everything he had so he put his estate in debt. Who knows how it would end if a devil did not appear on his neglected field. He promised to take care of his field. But Čupera must sign a contract by giving the devil something what he has at home but he does not know about it yet. Čupera signed it. He returns home and finds a newly-born son in the cottage! In five years, the devil comes to see Čupera again and demands repayment of the debt...


Technical requirements:

Stage: width 6 m in arch, 8 m behind arch, depth 8 m, height 3,5 m
4 bars
Open fire on stage
Input power: 380/220 V, protection: 16/32 A
Author of Photos: Josef Ptáček